Running the show has never been so easy.

Ready to put the human back in HR? Clerksy helps you set the stage with an inclusive and compliant workplace.

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Put the human back in HR.

Your employees are the real stars. Show the love and help them perform!

You don’t have to play all the parts.

Sales, accounting, HR— Oh My! You can’t do it all - let Clerksy help.


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HR Production of the Highest Quality

Educate and Inform

Educates & Informs
Employee Expectations

Protect Your Business

Protects Your Business
Just in Case

Manage and Store Documents

Manages & Stores
Important Documents

Healthy Work Environment

Create a Healthy
Work Environment

Employees come in all shapes and sizes. Find the right fit.

Focus on casting and screening. Let Clerksy handle contracts, resolve any on set-conflicts and make sure you are compliant with work and safety boards.

Employees in All Shapes and Sizes

How the scenes fit together

Employee Training & Development, Diversity & Inclusion Programs, and Conflict Resolution.

Clerksy Scene Editing

Consider everyone's best interest

HR is for everyone. Clerksy can help you.

Protect Your Company

Protect Your Company

  • Compliance Audits & Training
  • Employee Data Storage
  • Policy Drafting
Employee Successs

Set Your Employees Up For Success

  • Learning & Development
  • Employee Relations
  • Benefit Management
  • Employee Performance
Legal Landscape

Know Your Industry's Legal Landscape

  • Work Place Investigations
  • Employee Mediations
  • Performance Tracking

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Simple. Entertaining. Informative.

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